ABOUT ME - My General Skills


I specialize in creating superior experiences that are supported by research, brand strategy and a clear understanding of business and user needs. Here is a list of my typical deliverables related to software development.

  • User research and analysis
  • Design strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Data visualization
  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • Front-end development
  • Business process analysis and design
  • Program and project management

Core Responsibilities:

  • Lead internal and external teams in the development of user experiences for products and services
  • Work closely with management, engineering and consulting teams to translate business requirements into meaningful experiences/designs
  • Understand target audiences' needs, tasks, and goals thru the creation of personas, profiles and use case scenarios, works closely with customer experience SMEs
  • Define the goals, requirements, structure, navigation and functionality of effective and engaging user interactions
  • Conceptualize experiences, collaborate in brainstorms and drive innovative ideas.
  • Construct IA structures, user flows and interaction designs
  • Prototype and document interactive wireframes for a compelling and understandable experience.
  • Conduct both heuristic and usability evaluations of existing and proposed designs
  • Focus on data as a key element to understanding end user experience success
  • Lead visual creative design - conceptual through detailed comps
  • Continued development and evolution of visual brand and tone
  • Ability to create a compelling and consistent visual system that can be applied effectively across an expansive and varied portfolio of systems.
  • Includes oversight of detailed style guide creation, graphics production approach and design best practices and delivery systems.
  • Develop internal user experience and visual design practices
  • Hire and cultivate a high-performing, lean team of user experience and visual designers
  • Set user experience best practices and standards for new product development
  • Champion principles of usability and user-centered design
  • Share knowledge, be an influencer within and across the organization.
  • Identify and implement internal and external toolsets that will aid in the development of user experience deliverables.
  • Work with external partners and agencies, where necessary, to deliver products/projects on time and within budget

Skills & Experience

  • Proven track record owning or playing a majority role in the user experience/interaction design of products, sites and/or applications.
  • Strong background in user interface design and development with proven ability to create functional, usable and highly functional interfaces
  • Strong information design communication skills, both in team collaboration and written documentation of user experience design elements, flows, interaction and functionalities.
  • Analytical problem-solving skills, excellent writing and presentation skills with experience in outlining functional specifications and content requirements, based on content inventories, task analysis, card sorting exercises and other user experience design techniques.
  • Experience with multi-platform projects, media delivery applications for large audiences (web, mobile, connected devices)
  • Demonstrated expert knowledge of structure, capabilities and standards relating to databases, browsers, content management systems, operating systems, software packages and mark-up and languages (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Strong product sensibilities

Business and IT Strategy

  • Works with internal and external customers to understand business needs.
  • Contributes to the development of the IT strategy.
  • Manages the development and implementation of IT initiatives to support business goals and objectives relative to the strategy..
  • Collaborates with division directors across the organization and key stakeholders for the coordination and alignment of objectives and functions across multiple functional areas.

Service Management

  • Leads the delivery and lifecycle of services for business strategy development.
  • Leads the financial and internal customer analysis
  • Leads teams performing competitive market assessment/ benchmarking.
  • Reviews competitive market assessment/ benchmarking results and makes recommendations.

Relationship Management

  • Collaborates with client in discerning client business trends and their implications.
  • Seeks opportunities to contribute to positive outcomes for clients, stakeholders, and organizational members. 
  • Approaches issues or disagreements with the objective of reaching win/win solutions.

Governance / Policies, Processes & Standards

  • Leads or participates in an advisory board to manage IT services demand. 
  • Communicates client’s needs and priorities and provides feedback on pricing and investment. 
  • Ensures compliance to policies, procedures, and standards

Process Improvements

  • Manages the improvement processes that impact customer satisfaction and relationships. 
  • Owns the designated processes and is accountable for ensuring that established processes are followed.
  • Establish policies and procedures on technology continuous improvement.


  • Participates in the development and estimating of IT budgets. 
  • Tracks and takes appropriate steps to stay within budget.
  • Provides high-quality services at optimal cost to customers. 
  • Measures service performance and implements improvements.
  • Provides input to financial parameters that drives service costs.

IT Technology Innovation

  • Directs the development and implementation of technologies/processes that make it easier for customers and suppliers to do business with increased profitability
  • Utilizes continuous integration tools to support automation of standard processes

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 

  • Participates and provides input to the SLA development process. 
  • Ensures internal SLAs are met.

Vendor Management 

  • Provides advice and counsel to the vendor relationship decision-making and contract development processes.
  • Reviews service provider performance. 
  • Identifies and confirms performance problems and notifies contract managers.


  • Communicates organizational information through department meetings, one-on-one meetings, and other communication vehicles.
  • Supports an environment of open and upward communication with all staff to ensure positive employee morale, effective conflict resolution and upward flow of creative ideas for the benefit of the Company and its employees.

Resource / Talent Management

  • Meets regularly with team to gather work statuses. 
  • Discusses work progress and obstacles. 
  • Provides advice, guidance, encouragement and constructive feedback. 
  • Ensures work, information, ideas, and technology flow freely among teams.
  • Establishes measurable individual and team objectives that are aligned with business and organizational goals. 
  • Documents and presents performance assessments. 
  • Recognizes and rewards associates commensurate with performance. 
  • Implements organizational practices for staffing, diversity, performance management, career development, training, reward and recognition, and retention.
  • Provides input to the identification and development of potential future leaders.

Workforce Planning

  • Identifies the roles, skills and knowledge required. 
  • Ensures staff has the resources and skills needed to support all work initiatives. 
  • Participates in IT workforce deployment activities.

Change Management

  • Generates appropriate communication, process and educational plans for mitigating the disruption of change.
  • Identifies and removes obstacles to change.
  • Demonstrated ability to formulate and execute business strategies to exceed operational expectations and further enhance the customer experience.
  • Deep understanding of business strategy and ability to translate strategy into system and technology solutions.
  • Demonstrated “hands on” experience working in large-scale environments and tweaking business processes to support growth and productivity
  • Demonstrated ability to lead change, able to take calculated risk and seeks continuous improvement
  • Demonstrated ability in building a successful organization and experience delivering results via improved customer satisfaction, lower production costs and high levels of employee engagement
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to communicate with customers, associates and management; solid teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Strong presentation skills; ability to present and discuss strategies and technical information in a manner that establishes rapport, persuades others, and gains understanding
  • Ability to establish solid relationships with vendors in support of initiatives; ability to negotiate and manage outside vendors against deliverables.
  • Solid project management skills including the ability to effectively deploy resources and manage multiple projects of various diverse scope in a cross-functional environment
  • Knowledge of key technology standards around ITIL and service delivery